Watts Named President And Chief Operating Officer Of Solus Ocean Systems

watts named president and
chief operating officer
of solus ocean systems

David H. Watts, formerly executive vice president of the company's Americas Region, has been elected to the position of president and chief operating officer of Solus Ocean Systems, Inc., Houston. He joined the company in 1965, participating as a research diver in the company's P50-foot diving program. He became general manager for the Australian operation in 1969; in 1973, on his return to the U.S., manager of diving divisions; in 1975, vice president-operations; and in 1979, following the Ocean Systems/Solus Schall merger, executive vice president, Americas Region.

Solus Ocean Systems is an international offshore service company providing diving, underwater submersible inspection, nondestructive testing, and contract engineering services to the petroleum industry. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENSERCH Corporation, a diversified energy company based in Dallas.

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